Monday, February 11, 2008

Madz Bloodz

Had the arduous task of replacing an old PC for one of the ladies upstairs today, asking a person what programs they need installed on their PC only to be asked "what's a program" in reply makes my brain want to grow hands and strangle the life out of myself.

sifting through a multitude of unused PC's with various ailments was grand fun indeed, each machine had a unique yet crippling problem with it that could only be found 15-20 minutes into installation of microsoft office

be it a busted power supply or simply the wrong version of windows (i managed to pick the only XP Home edition out of a pile of 20+ Professional machines), the task had turned from a simple distraction to an comedy of errors.

And then I saw it.

Clearning out an old centre PC I noticed that the XP user avatar on the start menu had changed from the default horse/rocket/soccer ball, instead it was a black image with some red writing, I couldn't quite make it out, but I knew it was created by a student when they should have been working.

I tracked down the image and had a mighty chuckle, ladies and gentlemen, I give you 'MADZBLOODz' taken down from it's original 3meg glory

Bloodz represent

1 comment:

Rhys said...

I fuckin' lol'd at both the madz bloodz (was the 3 meg image huge? or just badly saved as a bitmap?)

the idea of your brain growing hands and strangling people makes for an amusing image