Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Faces of Gosford

My recent acquisition of an iPod has brought in a new level of train fun, now I can take photographic evidence of the creatures I come across on the Central Coast in case the naysayers out there think I'm making it all up.

So here are two recent individuals I have come across in the last week on the train.

Guts McGee:
This charming man got off the train and proceeded to air out his midsection whilst having a smoke. It wasn't even a hot day. Some pigeons came over to see what the fuss was about and he lost his shit at them, flailing his arms and stomach around in an effort to scare away the wildlife.

Sleepy Sally:

The train pulled into Tuggerah station when this woman got on with a friend. The friend opened the door between the carriages and started to smoke while this one leant against the window and proceeded to fall asleep in a bent standing position.

She managed to keep this position up for 15 minutes, then staggered out at the next stop.