Monday, October 20, 2008

Blizz Corn

Blizzard held their annual convention last week, conveniently named "Blizzcon" to avoid confusion as last years infamous "Toastboypants" event only managed to attract fat pedophiles. The event is swarmed with geeky lads and lasses the world around, all with the common ground of Blizzard game interest, the main one being the online heroin that is World of Warcraft.

The folks here at Five Thumbs Down managed to make it to the Anaheim Convention Center in California with a dodgy camera and a bad attitude. It was hard to blend in with the crowd due to my level 70 Blood Elf paladin only having 5 epics... I was an outsider from the beginning, but the expensive stripper I hired to walk around with me and flash some breast helped the FTD crew gain an all access pass.

Let's enjoy the photos now shall we?

Due to a scheduling error, the cleaning staff arrived 8 hours early to the function room. The new uniforms designed by clothing staple "Greg" caused some arousement in the more sweaty boys present. Note the red calves on the man in the background.

Here we have a Dranei Mage, a really good effort at cosplay if you don't mind me saying, the horns and overall attractiveness of the girl in costume helped win her some points. I managed to get a photo as she approached Amy Winehouse for an autograph.

I'd be lying if I told you I knew what was going on in this photo, it looks like a glam rock 80's muppet fending off some form of garbage monster.

These two happy girls managed to woo the boys in the centre with their "approachable" looks and cheerful demeanour. They even managed to score some coupons for 600 rape dollars..

.. from this guy..

Another decent Dranei costumer, unfortunate that one of the main speakers from Toastboypants 2007 managed to find his way here this year... Jeff appears to be doing some construction in his pantaloons...

This costume came in second place of the event. I think she did rather well.

Captain Bumbles reporting! Set sails for faggotry!

That's how we roll in Asia.

Yet another Dranei, only this time she's joined by a sexy pirate, and confused A-Team fan.

A glimpse into the classy life of a Blizzard employee.

Greg: "I say what what, let's release Starcraft II 5 months late!"

Pevil: "Indubious! I think you've earned another balloon in your hat!"

Greg: "My urine stings upon exit..."

Clearly these two were paid to attend....

Clearly she was paid to leave....

I managed to score this rare photograph of a WoW player exerting the most physical energy in a single day. plus he looks like a douche..
World of Warcraft's single Romanian player.

And finally, Blizzard announced the new class for the upcoming expansion. "Slutty Attention Whore" will be available to the Elf races, and will gain more bonuses with less armour worn.