Sunday, July 5, 2009

Supanova 2009

Last weekend I joined my handsome male partner Rhys over at at Supanova, it was the first time I've ever been to Australia's pop culture expo and I enjoyed every minute of it.

There were booths for video games, comics, anime, alternative boobie art and tshirts 2 sizes too small for the average fan. There was wrestling, cosplay, movie screenings.. you name it.

And like my last blizzcon review I took plenty of photos, here are some select gems with associated commentary.

The AMD girls "cosplayed" as the latest AMD character logo. The black kid behind her is enjoying the bump-mapping on her rear engine.

This seriously was the most crowded the BEN10 booth was the entire day, even the guy hired to look after the booth was in the food court chatting up teenagers.

Two police officers get a photo oppurtunity with Gary Busey.

A trio of suave gents if I ever saw one, I feel bad for the guy in the middle, with that haricut you can only pull off 2 looks.. "Jedi Master" and "Unemployed ex postal worker". The guy on the right told me his suit cost 600 dollars all up. He also told me he wasn't married. I'm sure the two are unrelated.

Ever since the Iraq war the army recruiting drives have suffered. These two fine fellas here are fresh from boot camp... by boot camp I mean the local bus station.

Here we have two young people who appear to be cosplaying as a mid 40's british couple on a weekend caravan holiday.


Why stay at home and play Warcraft when you can come to Supanova... and .. play Warcraft.

Simpsons characters are always fun to dress as, the yellow skin however can take time to apply, luckily this guy has psoriasis of the liver, giving his face a natural yellow glow. Also adding delightful irony to his choice of the alcholoic spokesman character.

I thought this guy came to Supanova as a zombie, but it turns out there was a makeup booth applying fake injuries to attendees, so I now have a photo of some disgruntled man.

In this photo: 3 social misfits.

Burton-era Batman, Schumacher-era Robin and Nolan-era Joker hit me up with some generic posing, the Batman gave me the thumbs up after I took the photo, it made me smile... then I felt like a tool.

Somebody came as a D Battery

I suppose the advantage of having a large pasty back would be turning it into a canvas for epic tattoos, then ruin it with Brent Spiner's face.

MUTHERFUCKING SHOE! Hayden is the only person I know who can appear loud without actually making any noise.

Two of the AWF wrestlers that appeared at Supanova, "Football fan wog" and "Jeff the Council worker"

Two AWF wrestlers show the girls of Supanova a home method for abortions.

I guess they don't teach "smiling 101" at wrestling school. The guy looks like he's passing a kidney stone.


By night he's The Punisher, by day he solves math equations and follows the national chess circuit. Also in this photo: arousal.

Why So Serious? He didn't even bother to turn around for the photo. Who puts that much effort into a costume then gets the shits when you want a photo?

I thought I was taking a photo of a cool little dude dressed as his idol, but as it turns out I was photographing First Prize for the over 40's male gymnastics..

Some kind of sexy nurse / nun. I'd have a christian stroke over her anyday.

Kings Comics photo taken from above. No gag here... ...
......... anus!

I took this photo just outside the mens toilets, good thing too, as I came down with a serious case of bat-boner.

I saw these two lovely ladies get on the train on the Central Coast, nobody noticed they were in costume.

Overall it was a great day, I'll be going next year that's for sure. Stay tuned for my Blizzcon review in August!.