Monday, June 30, 2008

Blow up the forums and drag them away.

There will always be people who will never "get you", and you'll be forever explaining your actions and intentions to them where people who do "get you" will understand what you did, and why you did it in an instant.

It became apparent that alot of people I used to consider friends no longer understand me and were, for lack of a better word, offended by my actions. When no offense was intended at all, I had the utmost respect for a few of them, and that respect quickly faded on the battleground that is a webforum.

Web forums, although they offer as a communications hub for like minded individuals, almost always end up as scenes of intense drama and name calling.

One thing I've learnt about web forums is, you have to have a very generic sense of humour to be considered funny or entertaining on these forums, and I'm sure alot of people will agree with me, that any attempts at non-generic comedy will make at least one person angry due to misinterpretation. It also leads to every single one of the threads you make having an average of 2 posts in them, and that in turn leads to frustration.

Unless it's a thread about Grand Theft Auto 4, or a Youtube thread, chances are it won't be touched or it'll stem into a completely different topic entirely. Your uncommon opinions will fall on deaf ears in favour of posts full of emoticons and no real content at all.

That's why I've ceased any contribution I made to a webforum I have been a member on for at least 5 years. I hit a breaking point over the last few weeks, my jokes were seen as direct abuse towards other members, and although they weren't "offended", they were moved enough to take up a defensive stance with multiple paragraph responses.

I won't go into details, there really is no point. And I'm sure I'll forever serve as the assclown who had a cry and left, but I can live with that. Because to stay there I'd be letting myself down.

The people who do understand me will understand this entry completely and will be able to relate, those of you who don't understand me have probably just opened this page to see if I've said anything about them. I was going to, but it'll just be more fodder.

Let's just say a few of them dissapointed me, and I regarded them so highly beforehand. I wish them all well in their endeavours and the few that do still want to talk to me know how to find me.

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Ruroremy said...

I know what you mean, I feel out of place on most boards I go to as well. Personally I don't get most of the humor on the message boards these days - I do get the jokes, but I don't see how they are funny.

I'm done with online drama myself. I'm going to stop ranting about YT over there and I try to stay out of the drama related conversations. Which is basically why I hardly post anywhere anymore, besides Exiles. But in a forum with only 3 active users that have all been active on the internet enough to know how stupid and pointless most things work, things go allot differently.