Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Taser Deaths are the new Black

The image you are looking at is from the front page of news, the text that went with it didn't save with the file so I added it back in using msPaint. The photo shows a crying mother and the photo of her recently deceased son, smiling and looking happy, enjoying life. The photo tells you that the son is yet another statistic in the growing numbers of taser deaths in America, and it'll be sure to bring memories of the taser death of Baron 'Scooter' Pikes they posted on the news sites not long ago, yet another story of abuse of power by the police, designed to shock you and feel for the family.

Baron Pikes was stunned up to 9 times whilst he was handcuffed, which is a disgrace and a completely wrongful death, a tragedy to mankind that the police officer would do such a thing. But this case I read in the news, I see as merely an accident and should not be looked upon as excessive force.

Not only was the teenager tasered only once, but he was "brandishing a knife at officers". Now if you have a 17yr old kid you just caught stealing from 2 cars and he pulled a knife on you what would you do?

If I had a taser I'd zap the bastard.

And that's just what they did. And the kid died, sure it's sad but the did had a FREAKING KNIFE, I feel no sympathy at all.

"The cops may as well have shot my son"? Lady if your kid pulled a knife on me I'd do more than shoot him.

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Ruroremy said...

If someone would point a knife at me, a taser death would be the least of their problems.

In my opinion, he had it coming.