Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Do yourself a favour, Read Watchmen.

The comic book movie industry is booming, and alot of it has to do with nostalgia, a key driving force behind the purchases by anyone aged 16 to 45. People see a trailer for Iron Man and say to themselves "I remember him, he was cool", beause anything slightly good as a child is magnified tenfold when you're older, that is the only reason balding men walk around with Decepticon tshirts and think they're awesome.

So the comic book movies have been on the steady increase, but they're nothing from the norm, it's all Batman Superman Spiderman and friends, comic characters that were toys and cartoon shows back in the day, the fans of these movies like to be a part of this because not only can they stick with their crowd of meat headed yahoos, but they can relate to the comic book crowd even if they haven't read a single issue of Detective Comics or The Amazing Spiderman.

Well, at least they THINK they fit in.

You see, it's really easy to point out a comic MOVIE fan over a comic BOOK fan, the comic movie fan is the type of person who won't think to mention Green Goblin's outfit in the first Spiderman movie, because it's new to them and they only assume that's what he looked like back in the 70's.

I have long yearned for a champion of the comic book to movie crossover genre to seperate the wannabes with the diehards. There have been a few that rose to the call but they were quickly diminished on the grounds that there are no superheroes and nobody classes them as comic book movies. Examples include From Hell, Road to Perdition, and Sin City, which was nearly the beacon of light for me... but it wasn't to be.

But now, now! Now there is my ray of hope, the one thing I can use to stick it to all the morons who say they read comics, to prove that they are just posers.


Watchmen has everything I need, costumed heroes based on a comic, and people can not deny that, because in their fickle heads only caped crusaders exist initially in the pages held by a sweaty boy.

And people have lost their minds.

I was watching a behind the scenes movie regarding the consturction of "Archie", Nite Owl's flying invention, and the comments were riddled with confused people, people who have previously left long critiquing reviews of comic book movies and demanded respect for them.

Now the high ground they built for themselves has toppled into garbage, they're nothing but trendy hipster posers who try to like the transformation of Harvey Dent to Two-Face but don't realise it happened differently...

Here are some comments

"This would make a LOT more sense if I had read (seen?) The Watchman.

Or heard of it."

"im so confused right now, ive never even heard of the watchman"

"I've heard of it before the trailer and all, but never knew any details about it except that it's supposed to be DA BEST GRAPHIC NOVEL EVERRRRRRRRR"

These people are losing face without knowing it in front of the diehard fans, the people who have read Preacher, Sandman, 8 ball, Milk and Cheese, and even Maus. The comics and graphic novels that forged the foundation it stands upon today, the unsung heroes of the unwashed and unshaven, Grrl Scouts, American Splendor... comics are more than Batman and Robin.

The worst people of these "comic buffs" who have never even HEARD of Watchmen and the idiots who say the following

"Nite Owl is a ripoff of Batman"

"Why is that guy overweight? he can't be a superhero"

"Bullshit trailer, only one guy shows his powers"

"Why is that man naked and blue?"

"LOLS Robert Downy Jnr is in this with a flamethrower"

One surprising thing to come from all this is Milhouse on the Simpsons, I was great to see some comedy gold sneak in to the new watered down episodes, they showed a great knowledge of Alan Moore and his current state of anger towards several companies with this small bit alone:

"Who's your favourite Watchmen baby?!?"

Do yourself a favour and read the book, before you make a stupid comment and become another addition to my ever growing list of morons to ignore.

Watchmen is unlike anything you've ever read or seen before, I'm betting parents will take their children into this movie, and I'm hoping Zack Snyder leaves in the bit with the child eating dogs.


taylorf21 said...

I would just like to say... thank you. I really appreciate what you said in there (btw read all comics you mentioned). Although i hope there is nothing wrong according to you with having read all of them but continue to be a die hard batman fan. I just stumbled upon your blog through my google alerts. I hope you get some more people to read watchmen, I've been telling all my friends to for years, they just don't listen. Now that I've left the longest most boring comment ever...

Tom said...

Cheers for the comment Taylor!

You can be a diehard Batman fan if you want, I am too.

I still read non-obscure mainstream comics, not too much Marvel though, I find them a bit too colourful for my liking.

Thanks for your comment!

taylorf21 said...

non obscure mainstream comics... check
diehard batman fan... check
not too much marvel... check
encouraging people towards reading awesome comics... check
I have to ask you... are you me?

Tom said...

Hold up I'll check...

nope, male.. sorry, close call though!

hit me up on MSN if you use it

taylorf21 said...

sorry i don't, I only use facebook and gmail, that's the closest i get to being from this century.

Tom said...

that's cool, keep reading and commenting!! I'll check out your blog too.