Thursday, January 7, 2010

Boganrail, an Australian Institution

The first week back at work after a break is always the longest. And to make matters worse the Cityrail free newspaper MX (url) is currently not being printed. My one salvation from boredom for half of my trip has been cut off. So I've been forced to find other ways to amuse myself.

This week I've been experimenting with the various trains that go my direction home, finding out which is the quickest, which is the most comfortable, and which is the least crowded. I caught one of the newer trains to Gosford this afternoon. Hardly anyone in there so I had plenty of room to stretch my legs. But on the downside I had to wait at Gosford for half an hour.

Now Gosford really isn't that bad of an area. It's th
e locals themselves that ruin it for you, and of course the majority of the locals are advocates of public transport by default. So I always run into the most colourful of characters, today was no exception.

To pass my 30 minutes away and fend off the guilt of downing an entire packet of chips in record time, I began walking up and down the platform, a good 100-200 metres. On my second loop I walked past a girl I paid no real attention to, she was a normal looking female around 16yrs old, Elmo shirt, dyed hair, and a scooter. Typical teenager in all senses of the word, or so I thought anyway.

When I was walking back from my second loop the girl was sitting at the far end looking directly across to the platform on the other side of the tracks. There were some youths sitting there, smoking and carrying on like adults, I paid no mind to them either, as I'm well past the stage where the site of a swearing smoking tween shocks me. And after all, this IS the Central Coast we're talking about here.

The girl and the kids were exchanging dialog, but from where I was walking I couldn't hear it. I assumed they were friends and started on my 3rd loop, walking faster this time, well aware that most of the other people on the platform were staring at me. I don't know why but apparently the sight of a fella walking is fucking interesting to them.

On my loop return the girl had since moved and was walking towards my direction. She seemed reasonably angry, and it was confirmed when she muttered to herself as I passed her.

"Fucken cunt skags, I'm gonna slash some fucken throats"

Now this did come as a shock to me, call me uppity but if children decided to throw insults at me from across a train line I'd either ignore them or smile and nod my head. But this girl decided that this was the point in their life that they were destined to die, and proceeded to make five phone calls to various people.

I stopped walking and stood around a corner, so I could listen without staring, and I'm glad I did.

Each phone conversation went along the lines of this:

"Yeah , what are ya doin? I need you to come here and beat up som fucken kids for me, I can't do it coz they're fucken too young but if you beat em I'll slash em ay? Fuckin cunt whores calling me a boy i'll fucken show em yeah. There three of the fuckers, fucking skinny cunts."

Around the time of the 4th phone call, the all-stops train from Sydney arrived and even more representatives of the Central Coast piled out, including three women in their mid-30's with more children than teeth.

As the women walked past, the original girl on the phone had just reached her "three skanky cunts" line, and all three of the women turned around and proceeded to pick a fight with the teenager.

"What'd you fucken call me? You red haired tranny, tranny cunt fuck"

The platform at the time was crowded with people getting on and off trains, and admist it all was the battle of the slums 2010. No fists were thrown, just a lot of slander and abuse.

Eventually the women left and the girl had moved on to the next platform to deal with her aggressors. I'm sure she has a bright future ahead of her as a "whore slasher" and I wish her well.