Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Soupanouver 2010

Supanova has come and gone for another year. And after a 3 hour train ride with incredibly bad smelling "men" (I use the term lightly) who were also going, I was more than happy to meet up with the handsomely erotic Rhys from The Plastic Age and photograph the day away.

3 cute booth girls dancing to some new Wii game, this was the most crowded booth of the day.

I overheard the balding guy in this booth talking to the other. "YOU SAID THIS SPIDERMAN WAS IN MINT CONDITION, THIS HAS A MINOR TEAR AND UV WEAR, THIS ISN'T MINT CONDITION!"

Emma Frost, very yes.

This young lady appeared to come as wallpaper.

Slave Leia, also very yes.

Look familiar? Here's a photo I took last year:

Yep... I really don't know what to say.

This guy came as an emoticon.

The ginger in the glasses just realised what his life has become.

Mick Gavin, Plumber by day, Party Decoration by night.

This Daria cosplay took some creative adjustments.

I thought this guy was dressed as Tom Baker, turns out he was just a douche in a scarf.
I found this Yu-Gi-Oh cosplayer wanted me to follow him into the bathroom so I could see his trap card.

Hit Girl, established 1962
This is the worst Michael Jackson I've ever seen.
I don't know what this girl came as, but the guy behind her clearly came as a pervert.
Not only is The Flash the fastest runner in the world, he's also the fastest eater of cheesburgers
A proud warrior brandishing his +2 Mace of smiting, and +3 haircut of achey breaky heart.
Nothing says Supanova like a man with a black eye and an erection.
This dedicated man came as scenery.
Middle aged Spiderman poses while Alzheimers Ironman stares off into space.
Anime, as popular as ever.

Michael Winslow being interviewed by a moron.
This guy came dressed as 1998.

And finally....



Anonymous said...

This post can be summed up in one word: GOLD

Agent-X said...

BEST Summary on the popularity of ANIME EVER!